Meet Our Pastors

Ernst Cochy

I can remember a time when ministry was very far from my mind. In fact if you told me that I would one day pastor a Church, I would have said ‘no way’! But today I am so proud to pastor Life Church, here in Brooklyn, NY. One of my greatest joys is seeing believers grow in their walk with Christ. I’ve personally discovered that life in Christ is truly the most fulfilling. I’m a proud husband and dad. Having my wife by my side makes this venture all the more fulfilling. We are honored that God would use us to lead such an awesome Church!

Pastor Lashan Cochy

I didn’t grow up in church, but when Jesus met me where I was, I grew up in His love. Needless to say my life was never the same! As a minster to the body of Christ and specifically a pastor at Life Church, my passion is to be a conduit to the love of Jesus, which will revolutionize your life and set you free!